KC's Contracting uses InSpire Roofing products where absolute durability is demanded. Easily one of the most effective solutions in shingle roofing, InSpire's elegance and stalwart capability against the natural elements is incredible.

InSpire's products are designed to resist Class 4 hail, and winds beyond 110mph!Produced from 100% recyclable natural limestone (drywall) and virgin resins, InSpire's roofing products come in Class A or Class C fire ratings, will not lift, cup, warp or break and is backed by the manufacturer's transferable limited warranty for 50 years!

With a slate appearance, and an array of colours/patterns available, KC's Contracting and Custom Torchworks expertly utilizes InSpire's roofing products in a variety of applications demanding longevity and endurance, along with the elegance that a slate roof delivers.

Premium value in durability and ease of maintenance ensures that InSpire roofing products serve their purpose as diligently as the rest of KC's Contracting's product line-up.

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