Thermo-Plastic Roofing Systems

Hot air welded Thermoplastic Polyolefin is the utmost in protection against potential moisture and leakage in harsh climates.

Applied by our certified application experts, Thermoplastic Polyolefin technology is a wise long term roofing investment in commercial and residential circumstances.

The Firestone brand TPO has incredible roof protection due to the layering system involved and the pliability of the material which makes Firestone TPO a perfect option for a variety of complex applications.

Thermoplastic Overlay roofing system in action.As the worlds first reinforced TPO roof membrane, Firestone is a popular product.

Over a billion square feet of this material are produced and applied around the world.

Durability and versatility have entrenched Firestone Thermoplastic Overlay as a roofing solution since then and it is now in widespread use across the globe.

The secret lies in the mixture of EPDM and PVC which affords TPO the strengths of both without their inherent weaknesses.

The best part about this material is it's environmentally friendly. This product does not break down, does not become brittle and won't support life (meaning fungi, or insects).

There are no plasticizers or chlorinated components used during its manufacture and no hazardous by-products or noxious fumes during application.

Plus as a membrane, it is compatible with all common roofing materials and existing substrates. Great for new roofs and retrofit conversions.

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