Torch-On Bitumen Membranes

Torch-On Bitumen Membrane is comprised of several elements including various polymers and minerals. It is used in residential and commercial roofing applications whereby it is torched onto the roof creating a waterproof and durable seal that can weather the elements.

Minerals are sprayed upon the surface to assist in fire retardation

The Bitumen fibre is a mixture of limestone or sand filler with Polymers such as Atactic Polypropylene or Styrene Butadiene Styrene to give rigidity and tear resistance, or elasticity.

Polyester, fibre glass, hessian and paper are used to create the roll product which is saturated in tanks of tar to create their waterproof coating.

The U.V. resistance of the material is achieved by adding small granules across the surface, effectively giving the material it's long lasting durability.

In short the material is applicable in a variety of circumstances, especially when waterproofing is the concern.

The material has been classified as non-carcinogenic and does not release toxins, harmful or otherwise.

Bitumen is being produced in large quantities, and has lent itself to various applications as green roof membrane, photovoltaic cells have also been known to be placed on top of the membrane.

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