We received a lead in 2008 for a new construction in need of a roof contractor. After submitting our bid we were pleased to meet with the heads of the project and discuss their needs in detail.

We were awarded the contract soon after with our price fair and encompassing all the needs of the client.

Our crew began work with torch-on membrane and over the course of a few weeks provided a solid torch on service , complete with 26 gauge cap flashings, that is holding up against the elements year after year without fail.

Although the Caban project in its entirety fell through due to financing issues, our work was completed and stands solid against the weather, the derelict building still protected with zero leaks or issues years after the fact.

A testament to the quality and strength of our professional standards, KC’s Contracting is proud of the work our crews performed upon the Caban building and we are pleased to have provided yet another fantastic example of our capability to a Kelowna construction project.


Kelowna, BC
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