Elkhart Lodge

Being that Elkhart Lodge is located in the middle of a heavily forested area, it came naturally that they had a few pest-animals in their attic space. When KC's Contracting removed the existing steel to replace it with Westform Prolok 12" standing seam, they also removed the pack rats from their nesting locations and replaced the filthy insulation in select sections.

Westforms prolock 12" standing seam panels was the best option offered to the customer. The existing roof was no longer holding out the elements due to the ice dams that formed on this lodge roof for numerous years. A Steel roofing system with hidden fasteners was clearly the way to go.

This roof received an extra layer of 2x4 strapping, and was then sheeted to provide a solid roof deck for the steel panels. Ventilation plays a key role in eliminating ice damming.


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