E.Roko Distributors

Located in the Kelowna airport business park, this tilt up warehouse was a new construction project in need of a complete roofing solution and KC’s Contracting was requested to provide their roofing contractor services after being awarded the contract.

With a crew of ten of our tradesmen, we set upon this project for approximately one month during the course of which, we addressed extra duties such as preparing the “Q Deck,” for HVAC installation.

The roofing itself required a massive vapor barrier, which we dutifully installed and followed up with a layer of IKO Therm brand insulation.  Upon this we installed a recovery board to protect the insulation.Fire tape and the proper primers were used where applicable as to meet the RCABC, and insurance specifications.

Once this was all in place, we applied a layer of 2-ply IKO Torchflex brand torch-on membrane sealing the roof against the elements and completing the roofing process.Prior to capping the perimeter in 26 gauge flashing, we also applied paper, wire and plaster stop in preparation for the stucco contractors.

Aside from the main roof, we installed Westform steel cladding materials upon canopy roofs of the building and addressed the foundation with IKO’s Aqua barrier brand waterproofing membrane and a Siplast dimple board for drainage.

KC’s Contracting chose Roof Centre for the responsibility of providing the roofing materials necessary as they had the price and means to get what we needed within the budget we expected with zero logistical issues once again.

KC’s Contracting is proud of this torch on roofing project and our thirty days of diligent roofing work is going to last for decades to come.


Airport business Park
Velocity Avenue
Kelowna , BC
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