When the client called KC’s Contracting & Custom Torchworks, initially it was not to hire them but to ask questions regarding the quotes they had received from KC’s as well as the other companies.  Over the course of several phone conversations and face to face meetings, we answered their questions honestly and to the best of our ability, at times surprised by the statements other companies had made regarding the clients needs.  Eventually, they were pleased to bestow us with their trust and the roofing contract was ours to fulfill.

The client was requesting a remove and replace of their existing roof top of cedar shake shingles.  KC’s Contracting had submitted a quote that involved the clay tiles they wished as well as torch-on membrane to ensure longevity and prevention of leaks.

Given the high expense of the new materials to be brought in, it is understandable that a potential client would have as many questions as they did and we were pleased to provide the answers and ultimately the roofing service they needed to see a fresh roof construction upon their home.

We partnered with Best Way to procure the US Tile brand clay tiles and IKO Torchflex torch-on membrane and used 8 of our best employees in servicing this contract, as this material was installed in a unique staggered pattern.  From start to finish, our crew was professional and upheld our service standards to the utmost.  As part of our commitment to our client, we were pleased to provide ancillary framing services in producing Cathedral style skylight frames, and custom timber framing to support the existing lower roofs.

After just over two weeks of our contract roofing services, our client could proudly say they had one of the finest roofs in Kelowna, if not the entire Okanagan.  We at KC’s Contracting & Custom Torchworks are proud of our work once again.  Clay tile, torch on membrane and new skylights all in under a month.  That’s the sort of contract service KC’s Contracting can be proud of.


Kelowna, BC
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