The Gates

Units upon Units, all completed to our exacting specifications. This commercial construction project was General contracted by Troika Developments.

IKO cambridge aged redwood was used to complete the field of shingles at The Gates, along with proper components to a long lasting roof such as, eave and gable drip edge metal, underlay felts, valley metals , AF-50 roof vents, plumbing stack oateys, and goose neck flapper vents. When these materials are used in their proper locations, our customer receives a finished product that is both functional and esthetically pleasing.

In previous years, valley sections of roof were commonly woven with shingles to tie the two roof faces together. When it rains, a good majority of the water travel is directed into the valley creating a high traffic area. This wears out the valley area and causes leaks. To this day, there are a few contractors still weaving the valley section, when they should be installing metal valley flashings. Steel flashings are required by RCABC specification, and that's what KC's Contracting installs to maintain the industry high standards.

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