KC’s Contracting & Custom Torchworks can function all year around, hense roofing at Big White. Honesty and integrity is why we are recommended for jobs by building inspectors.

We come across tar and gravel roofing in need of replacement quite often. When this client called us in for their tar and gravel roof, we put eight of our employees on the task and got busy right away.

This project was completed in three weeks , working in conjunction with an RCABC roofing consultant, and also an engineering firm, to meet the clients expectations and time frame.

After completing a site safety inspection, and working in conjunction with Worksafe B.C. for a safe roofing job, we tore away the original tar and gravel and cleaned up the site, preparing it for our work. We then recessed the main roof drains by changing the wood framing in the roof deck, to pick up surplus rain water, and eliminate ponding water. IKO Torchflex 2-ply torch on membrane was applied to the roof deck to seal it once again. KC's contracting was required to frame and finish a roof top shed including framing, soffit and fascia, hardy siding, and westform steel roofing. And finally KC's Contracting sealed the perimeter with new flashings for a complete roofing job that will hold against the elements for decades.

Conducting affairs in a distant region such as Big White, BC means ensuring you have all the roofing materials you need. The right supplier ensures that we experience no logistical issues while putting our clients torch on roofing solution together.

Materials for this project were supplied by Roof Centre.


Whiskeyjack Road
Big White, BC
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