Tyax Resort

KC's Contracting travels! 

This Heli Skiing lodge, The Spirit Bear, is located at Tyax Resort & Spa, nestled on the south side of the Chilco Mountains. Due to extreme climate temperature change, and a heavy snow load, they had various issues within their existing tile roof, that could only be rectified by installing Westforms Prolok 12" standing seam.

This project took extensive attention to detail and layout as all dormers and gables were proud. Being that the structure was log, it required new leads and flashings to once again, seal against the elements.

The crew traveled to the site, and completed this project in a few weeks.

This is the only project to date, where our safety supervisor had to implement a constant grizzly bear watch and alert the crew to mount the roof for their own safety.

Best Way roofing Supply was chosen by KC's to provide the materials.

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