F. & A. Scott - Kelowna, B.C.

To Whom It May Concern,

It was so easy bonding with staff as well as with John Fergus. They all were so polite & respectful, efficient & thorough.

Each individual introduced themselves to us, that is such an important factor, and made it so easy to be at ease & comfort with them. Their work was spectacular, immaculate & I would recommend them to my closest friends & family.

We interviewed four other contractors & John Fergus plus his staff won us over, hands down. John was the only contractor who came to appraise our roof without having to stomp all over our cedar shingle roof. He did this thoroughly by walking all around our home. At the end of each day, the refuse was removed and we were never without our conveniences.

I got their name through recommendation as I'd never heard of them before.

A big kudos to John & all his staff for a beautiful job.

F. & A. Scott

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