About John Fergus

John FergusAs a man of morales and motivation, John Fergus has been the stalwart head of KC's Contracting and Custom Torchworks for twenty two years and running (the company was established in 1992).

With a storied history replete with experiences from an array of trades, John has repeatedly proven his acumen in business and construction on several levels amidst a massive berth of clientele ranging from residential home owners to high level industrial executives.

He is the face, sales personality, general tradesman, go between and owner of KC's Contracting and takes great pride in his history, his work and his family.

Here in we talk a bit about the history behind John Fergus and how KC's Contracting and Custom Torchworks came to fruition.

The beginning

As a youth, Mr. Fergus took a role as a deck hand in the Ministry of Transport Marine branch aboard the ferries in Revelstoke.  Over the course of two and a half years, Mr. Fergus learned about various aspects of the ship, and his role upon it.

Around the age of 21, Mr. Fergus provided his skills working in the lower mainland in various capacities, notably as a carpenter and first aid attendant providing sub contracted services and collecting an honest and respectable wage.

It was not long before Mr. Fergus was promoted to the position of charge hand, recognized for his aptitude, speed and quality of work.  One of his employers bestowed him with a hat that simply said, "Pace Setter" and he has since maintained a pace that few can achieve, let alone parallel.

As a carpenter for Noort Developments, John Fergus provided quality construction skills for several years, building condominiums in high rises and retirement communities across the Greater Vancouver area.  As time passed, John eventually found himself working with Bach Construction conducting tilt up frames and construction for a range of markets, again across the GVA.

Moving to the Okanagan

Eventually Mr. Fergus found himself in need of a change and moved to Kelowna, where he was brought upon the contracted crew erecting the first expansion upon Kelowna General Hospital. During this time he served as a Level 3 Industrial First Aid attendant as well as the elevations charge hand, responsible for the sighting and translation of the support and floor heights from drawings to the crews. With zero margin for error, the KGH expansion went off without a hitch and John moved on to other ventures which included the Kelowna law courts, and UBC Okanagan campus.

John took up employment with a commercial/residential contracting company where he provided various services as the right hand to one of the owners of the company, assembling various roof packages, until he was discovered and offered higher wages with another company.

With a family to feed and nothing getting cheaper, John was pleased to take on a new role with a new company.  During this time he worked upon several projects, notably providing Tenant Improvements services for commercial developments such as the Martin Street Plaza and Apple Plaza in Penticton, British Columbia.

Union Man

Systematic Mill Installations was pleased to have Mr. Fergus aboard from 1992 through to 2001 where he served in a unionized position providing fabrication services as a journeyman carpenter and welder/fitter, as well as materials feed man where his exceptional machine operating skills allowed him to efficiently deliver necessities across the compound using any loader, or vehicle.His industrial first aid ticket also afforded him the position of safety officer.

Helping to develop expansions and new buildings such as their Lumber Dryer, Chip Bins, Co-Generator plant or anything else that needed his attention. Eventually, it was once again time to find a new challenge and Mr. Fergus sought gainful direction with a new company.

Sub contracting in the north, while lucrative, was not enough for Mr. Fergus, and after a few years of honing his ability, his path brought him back to civilized lands, where he settled in Kelowna to work as a carpenter, welder, and fitter in various construction projects.


Suit and tie, measuring tape and a personality that could not be beat, John moved upon and secured the position of Home Improvement Specialist amidst 300 other applicants through a grueling interview process. When they hired him in 2003, they noted that they did so for his character, but were impressed by his drawings and plans, and his ability to communicate between the various trades, due in no small part to his extensive past history. John was an exceptional sales person, as well as extensively educated and a warm face for the clientele. It was no wonder that he claimed Top Sales during both Sears' Spring and Fall promotions. However as time went, despite his success, Mr. Fergus realized he appreciates working outdoors, communicating with a crew of professionals and delegating the needs of the company rather than selling air conditioners to senior citizens. As a result, John left Sears in search of greener pastures and taller grasses.


John returned to working for a roofing company, providing his expertise in various capacities until one day it dawned upon him that he wasn't just capable of doing it better, he could operate a more effective, efficient company and help others do it better.  It was not long after he joined, that he decided to set up his own firm and from a modest two man crew quickly grew the successful company he has today, providing hundreds of thousands worth of services to residential, commercial and industrial clientele; all satisfied, safe in knowing their construction is a cut above the average and provided by a company with the longevity of any long standing brand.

To date, KC's Contracting, and John specifically, has operated as many as 25 skilled tradesmen & labourers in one industrial project.

Projects have involved roofing, cladding, installation of girts and purlins, welding, carpentry, plumbing and more, all managed and scheduled by Mr. Fergus as necessary.

Brokering large scale projects, managing people and seeing them through to the utmost satisfaction of his clients is what John looks forward to each day.


He is a man who prides himself on many aspects of his life.  Having paid many dues over the course of his history, he regards work ethic as an important mark of a persons worth and demands the same from those around him that he demands of himself.

He would say that he has informally sponsored many individuals over the course of his life, helping people get from where they were to where they want to be. He has provided residence, counseling, and of course employment, all for the betterment of the individual and the strengthening of his company. John Fergus is a man who believes in people, and desires to see them succeed. He does not believe in idle hands and is ever seeking the next rung in life and business and enjoys passing that piece of himself to whomever he can. He is a man of standards, and has little patience for those who have none, hence is his company strong with people of the same mindset, gusto and gumption to ensure the jobs he sets his company upon are performed to the highest diligence.

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