Icedam Removal

An illustration depicting an ice dam in basic terms.You can read all about various building related matters at the National Research Council Canada website.

Article CBD-89. Ice on Roofs
This article describes flat and sloped rooftops and the characteristics exhibited by each over the course of a winter cycle.

Still the easiest way to tell where your hotspots are is by watching for melting snow.

Ice damming is especially problematic when expansion occurs, causing shingles, tiles and seams to break. This of course, leads to leaking rooftops as melting ice begins to seep onto the tar paper underlay, and subsequently causes further damage therein. Eventually you can expect the roof to fail altogether.

Ice Damming occurs in when rooftops retain their heat, subsequently causing large collections of ice as shown here.


Ice damming that was 'fixed' with porous foam.

If addressed immediately and correctly this can be a minimalized issue that doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. As any issue, if ignored, it will eventually grow into an expensive repair bill.

The left image depicts a tile roof that unfortunately experienced ice damming in a small amount. This damming was not addressed immediately and before long it was causing tiles to break. The hole that was present, was filled with a porous spray foam insulation, which unfortunately does not resist water.

As a result, the problem persisted, and became worse.

If you are noticing ice forms of large proportions upon your roof, don't hesitate to have a licensed roofing contractor inspect it immediately.

Alleviating Ice Damming

Ventilating your roof correctly to prevent build up and leakage is an important step towards maintaining a roof top clear of heavy ice.

Owens Corning's Ventilation section features a brilliant amount of information regarding the issues and procedures behind roof ventilation.


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