Having your rooftop inspected can provide peace of mind. To this end, while we provide very thorough inspection services we also recommend that a potential client have their inspections handled by independent, objective, licensed, certified and accredited roof inspectors, such as:

Pacific Interior Roof Consulting & Inspection Ltd.
4619 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, BC V1W 1T5
Tel (250) 764-1163
Fax (250) 764-9163

Wayne Parsers

Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Roof System Surveys, Application Inspections and Consulting

Roof System Design, Specification Preparation and Tendering


Associated Roof Services (2003) Ltd.
202 Valley Road North, Kelowna, BC V1V 2G1

Tel (250) 763-5202
Fax (250) 763-6225
Craig Baker, RRO
Jeff Baker, RRO
Condition Surveys and Reports
Budget Cost Estimates
Specifications and Inspections
Serving Thompson, Okanagan and Kootenay Regions

It is important to note we have no relations or priority with any particular inspector and have provided links herein as a service.

Click here for a complete list of accredited inspectors referenced from the RCA-BC website.

The materials we use are guaranteed against a wide variety of problems, but just as with anything, the proper care and attention can ensure your roof for ages beyond any warranty.

A Tar and Gravel Roof without enough GravelWe take every project seriously, and the signs of a building's wear and damage aren't always obvious.

The image on the left depicts a roof where the warranty no longer applies. The cap flashing (metal angle piece) shown here is in fact too short to reach the gravel surface where it would provide protection for the tar against the sun's UV rays.

A Tar and Gravel Roof without enough GravelIn this instance the 'Water Ponding' is plainly visible. As this water freezes and melts, expansion occurs and slowly tears at the existing Tar and Gravel. As the building ages, and the interior load bearing walls settle (due to improper foundation compaction) the rooftop begins to sag. As this occurs, the initial drainage strategy no longer applies, hence water begins to pond, and cause further damage, due to it's new weight .

With our experience and expertise we can help spot the problems and advise effective, long lasting solutions.
We can show you the evidences, and we can educate you regarding their origins, and solutions as necessary.

Don't allow equipment service technicians to cut holes in your roof. They may know air conditioning, but they don't know Thermoplastic Layering, or Torch on Membranes.

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