Tar & Gravel Repairs

Tar and Gravel Repairs

Tar and Gravel RepairsWith a life expectancy of twenty to thirty years, the tar and gravel roof is a 'built-up' roof system (so named for the layers of material built up in the roof) that is prone to leaks and degradation in the extreme Okanagan climate, due to expansion & contraction.

Tar and Gravel RepairsThe tar and gravel roof of an older building may experience blistering in the extreme Okanagan heat, particularly around trims and flashings, which leads to leaks or worse.

Our expert roofing crews know how to address the maintenance of these picky surfaces, mending those pesky leaks, helping seal the roof against future leaks, or replacing the whole of it entirely.


Keep it or Lose it?

Tar and Gravel RepairsThe tar and gravel roof is a thing of the past, and it is susceptible to the elements and movement. A tar and gravel roof that has excessive foot traffic is not going to last very long.

However, to this day there are some tar and gravel roofs that date back 50 plus years , needing minimal maintenance for leak patches.

You can determine the replacement of your tar and gravel roof, depending on how much trouble you're having with leaks, splits, blisters, and ponding.

Let us have a look at your issue, and we will help you decide the best course of action.

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