Torch On Roofing

We are a premiere high quality provider of torch-on membrane service and have a large array of satisfied clients in residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Our success as a torch-on membrane service provider can be attributed to a number of factors in each market.

Residential torch-on service

Homeowners can have a tough time finding the right contractor.  With so many providers professing torch-on service, it can be difficult too discern who a home owner can trust to provide accurate expert service that upholds through the next winter.

Fortunately, they can be confident in the knowledge that hiring KC's Contracting means they have the highest standards upheld when it comes to their torch-on repairs, shingle replacements, or new construction.  After all, nobody wants their dream home to leak.

Residential home builders trust us to be the torch-on contractor that can uphold their home warranty with a quality torch-on membrane service that stands the test of time beyond the manufacturers own warranty.

From entire town home complexes to single home service, KC's Contracting treats every project with the same high level of flawless roofing service and professional conduct.  Safety is no less important, with harnessing, secured ladders and other facets of protocol addressed even on the smallest of torch-on jobs.

Commercial torch-on service

Commercial entities trust our work to stand the test of time against the elements.  A business owner doesn't have the time and may not have the wherewithal to gather a dozen quotes and discern who can provide the best service for the best price for their torch-on roof.  KC's Contracting is the trusted provider of roofing service to countless entities who now know that when they needed a quote, they received the best quote to provide the best quality torch-on roof service their business could have.

As a result, they have uninterrupted business for decades, as their torch-on roof abstains from leaks, mold or other simple disasters that can grind business to a halt.

No business can afford delays, or interruptions due to a leaking roof and so they trust and recommend the professionals at KC's Contracting to provide the warranted work provided by torch-on roofing service crews.

Industrial torch-on service

Large scale industrial projects can be daunting for the little guys.  That's why companies know that when they have a torch-on project in need of service, they can trust KC's Contracting to provide what they are after. 

Quotes are accurate no matter the scale, encompassing materials, labour and the many variables that can rear during a large scale roofing project.

An industrial construction site may have an army of contractors on site at any one time and professional conduct is a necessity that KC's Contracting's teams understand implicitly.  Our people are always concerned with the hazards and safety protocols of their respective site and ensure that the torch-on project in question is executed with minimal to zero complications.

Few contractors in roofing service can profess the level of accomplishments KC's Contracting & Custom Torchworks has to their credit.  Our torch-on crews work tirelessly to provide the best service in the market and our testimonials speak leagues to their credit.  We are proud of the torch-on service we provide and we are always available to quote a new project.

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